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Assyrian Mesopotamian Sumerian Bearded Man Stone Statue, Bust


SUMERIAN DEMON PAZUZU History's Original Demon stone statue ancient replica


Sumerian Seal Tablet - Sitchen's ancient 'astronaut' - 2500 BC ancient replica


Sumerian Annunaki Mesopotamian cylinder seal impression Ascension of Etana


"HOUSE WITH FREE SLAVE" Early Sumerian Cuneiform Tablet ancient replica


EARLY SUMERIAN "ANUNNAKI" FIGURINE Eridu 4000 BC ancient replica


SUMERIAN MEDICAL HERBAL REMEDY TABLET 2100 BC Aspirin & Cannabis ancient replica


Classical Sumerian Seal Tablet 3rd Dynasty 2050 BC museum replica


Sumerian / Babylon Cuneiform tablet - Ancient writing Mesopotamia


Royal Game of Ur replica/ Premium quality ancient Sumerian boardgame


16.5mm Ancient Sumerian Carnelian Bead, 3rd UR Dynasty, 4000+ Years Old, #S1379


ALIEN GODS OF THE VINCA 6000 BC Pre-Sumerian Vinca Deity ancient replica


OLDEST LAND DEED Early Sumerian Pictographic Tablet 3000 BC museum replica


Sumerian cylinder seal impression - Master of animals. Museum replica.


SUMERIAN FLOOD TABLET Cuneiform 17th Century BC Oldest Account of the Flood


Vintage Sumerian Detail Hand Chased Copper Plate, 11 1/2" Diameter, 1.3 Lbs


KING GUDEA TEMPLE DEDICATION TABLET Sumerian Cuneiform 2090 BC museum replica


ANCIENT SUMERIAN VOTIVE TEMPLE STATUE stone statue ancient replica


SUMERIAN TEMPLE PRIESTESS 2300 BC Sumeria's Female Elite ancient replica


SUMERIAN TRIGONOMETRY Lharsa 1800 BC "Plimton Tablet" ancient replica


SUMERIAN "ADAM & EVE" Seal Tablet 2200 BC replica


Sumerian Cuneiform tablet Medical Nippur Sculptural relief plaque museum repro


Sumerian cylinder seal impression replica - VA 243 - constellation of Pleiades


SUMERIAN-AKKADIAN TABLET List of Sumerian Founders NINEVEH 650BC ancient replica


Assyrian Nobleman Sculpture statue 15" Persian Sumerian carving wall plaque


'CALENDAR OF THE CREATION' Sumerian Cuneiform Astrolabe Tablet 720 BC replica


Sumerian / Mesopotamia duck weight with cuneiform writing


SUMERIAN BEER BREWERS TABLET cuneiform 3000 BC ancient replica


"ENKI" Sumerian Deity 2300 BC mounted seal tablet ancient replica


Sumerian cylinder seal impression - Akkadian cuneiform writing - King ILULU


SUMERIAN PRAYER TEXT cuneiform tablet Mari 2400 BC ancient reproduction


SUMERIAN CUNEIFORM TABLET 3rd Dynasty reign of Ur-Nammu 2047 BC museum replica


Sumerian / Mesopotamia date / fertility goddess Nisaba / Nina relief + Cuneiform